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5 Ways to Calm Your Anger

Anger is a healthy human emotion when expressed appropriately. Every person has and will experience various levels of anger and frustration throughout their life. When

How to Find a Good Therapy Group

How to Find a Good Therapy Group

Therapy can be a great and powerful component of a healing and recovery journey. An ideal therapist can hold space for your thoughts and feelings

How Anxiety Affects Physical Health

How Anxiety Affects Physical Health

Anxiety can potentially impact your physical health. When you experience anxiety, there are momentary changes that are made to the mind and body. When anxiety

How Anxiety Affects the Brain

How Anxiety Affects the Brain

Anxiety can trigger a host of unsettling thoughts and feelings that make it hard to get through each day. Anxiety has been shown to make

Why Alcohol and Anxiety Don't Mix

Why Alcohol and Anxiety Don’t Mix

Anxiety may cause a variety of unhealthy coping mechanisms to develop. This can present as self-destructive behaviors like self-harm. On the other hand, you may

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