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Family & Relationship Therapy

Family and other personal relationships can provide significant support during health challenges and are often positive contributors to mental wellness. However, when there is conflict or strains within these relationships, the additional stress and burden can amplify the effects of health challenges and contribute to negative mental health.

Mindfuli provides social and emotional support for clients who are experiencing relationship conflicts. Interact with your therapist or counselor through chat or real-time video. We provide you support Mon-Fri, 8AM-Midnight (PST) and through weekly scheduled sessions with designated Care Counselors. In addition, licensed clinical support can be added to a client’s care team to provide therapeutic treatment for relationship conflicts. Mindfuli tracks progress towards mental wellness through the use of routine standardized assessments of depression, anxiety, and personal wellbeing.

“Empathy Matters – We’ll make sure you feel cared for and understood.”

Of clients with anxiety experienced symptom reduction
14 %
Of clients with depression reported feeling better
14 %

Care Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that we can help you make meaningful progress towards your goals and we are confident that we can pair you with a Therapist or Counselor that you will align with to meet your needs. If we can’t pair you to a Therapist or Counselor that helps you achieve your goals, we will refund your first month’s subscription cost.

We currently provide therapy and counseling virtually in California

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