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Less than 40% of employers have rolled out emotional well-being offerings, but the vast majority are planning to do so.
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Stand out from the crowd.

Lowering mental health spending claims, while important, isn't enough - we must also make care fundamentally better and more accessible. Peer counseling is the model proven to reduce the bottlenecks and challenges people face.

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Offer care that employees truly love.

Employers spend the majority of their healthcare dollars on chronic and behavioral health claims that leave employees unsatisfied. We’re here to change that.

care that employees truly love

Care Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that we can help you make meaningful progress towards your goals and we are confident that we can pair you with a Therapist or Counselor that you will align with to meet your needs. If we can’t pair you to a Therapist or Counselor that helps you achieve your goals, we will refund your first month’s subscription cost.

We currently provide therapy and counseling virtually in California

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It gets much better from here. Get 1:1 help that works, and lasts — from the best in online therapy and psychiatry.

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