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Is Online Therapy as Beneficial as In-Person Therapy?


Most people think about therapy as something that happens in an office setting, face-to-face with a mental health professional. However, telehealth and online therapy sessions have become commonplace in the last few years. 

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many people to contactless forms of healthcare, including online counseling. It has never been easier to access high-quality mental health services, including therapy and counseling, using apps like Mindfuli. Mental health apps can connect you with highly trained mental health professionals and paraprofessionals from the comfort of your own home. 

How Effective Is Online Therapy? 

Online therapy is an effective tool for treating chronic stress and mental health issues. According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, “[O]nline interventions provide many advantages for the prevention and treatment of psychological problems and mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety,” and other disorders. In-person and online therapy and counseling sessions generally have the same outcomes, providing effective emotional support. 

Online therapy has some advantages for individuals who struggle with the following: 

  • Meeting a consistent in-person schedule 
  • Reliable transportation 
  • Finding affordable childcare 

Clients can use online tools like apps or websites to connect quickly and easily with mental health experts and counselors. If you use an app like Mindfuli, you can send messages to your care team anytime and get quick responses during business hours. In addition, if you ever encounter a mental health crisis, you will have more immediate access to support compared to in-person treatments. 

The Advantages of Online Therapy 

During in-person sessions, you can connect on a personal level with your therapist. However, some people may not be able to take time off work or away from home to attend regular weekly sessions. 

Apps like Mindfuli prioritize matching therapists and clients to ensure a deeper personal connection during online sessions. In-person and online therapy sessions can help you heal and recover from mental health issues.

Some of the most significant benefits of online therapy include:

  • Access to additional resources and tools
  • Comparatively low subscription fees
  • Quick and easy access 
  • No wait time or transportation costs 

Online therapy and counseling are perfect if you have work, school, or personal responsibilities that make it challenging to attend in-person appointments. You can attend sessions on your lunch break at work or from the convenience of your own home. In addition, online therapy makes it very easy to move your appointment to a new time or day if you have an unpredictable schedule. 

The Differences Between In-Person and Online Therapy 

In-person and online therapy share a lot in common. However, the most significant differences between these two forms of therapy include: 

  • Location: In-person therapy provides a neutral and private space where you can feel safe expressing yourself
  • Convenience: Online therapy ensures you can get quick access to mental health care during business hours
  • Practical Support: Both online and in-person therapy provide effective support to encourage positive lifestyle changes that improve mental health

Many people who use online therapy tools like Mindfuli have a successful outcome. In addition, the primary differences like location, accessibility, and low cost make it a much better option for many people. Using convenient online therapy and counseling, you can learn to cope with and manage mental health issues without having to travel.

Who Benefits Most From Online Therapy?

Attending therapy from work, home, or school can help you access emotional support without interfering with your schedule. However, some people do not have the motivation or self-reliance needed for online treatment. If you have severe behavioral issues or frequently dissociate during therapy, in-person therapy might be right for you. 

The people who benefit most from online therapy and counseling include: 

  • Single and working parents 
  • Individuals with mobility issues 
  • Seniors 
  • Anyone with unreliable access to transportation  
  • Individuals with specific phobias or difficulty leaving the house

Apps like Mindfuli allow you to connect with practical and relevant care anytime and anywhere. The system will match you with professionals and paraprofessionals who share your interests, beliefs, and goals. Instead of treating clients like a diagnosis, the mental health experts on Mindfuli connect on a deeper level and create genuine friendships, cultivating positive relationships with clients. 

No matter what issues you struggle with, online therapy and counseling can give you the support, insight, and encouragement you need to heal. 

Healing From the Comfort of Home 

People who have difficulty attending traditional in-person therapy can enjoy all the same benefits through online treatment. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), “Telebehavioral health can break down barriers and offer more privacy than face-to-face mental health care.” 

If you value your privacy and security, then online therapy might be the right option for you. Recover from the effects of mental health issues using the evidence-based treatment options and services provided by Mindfuli. 

Online therapy and counseling allow you to connect with a mental health care team from the convenience of your own home. You do not need to pay for childcare, transportation, or the high rates of in-person treatment. Some people benefit most from online therapy apps like Mindfuli, including at-home mothers, single parents, career professionals, seniors, and people with mobility issues or other physical limitations. Research has shown that online therapy provides the same positive outcomes as in-person therapy. You can heal from the effects of mental health disorders and chronic stress using online therapy. The Mindfuli app will connect you with trained therapists and counselors who can help you heal. Call us today at 866-973-4415.

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