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Patient Praises Mindfuli for “Focusing on My Recovery and Just About Anything in Life” 

patient praises mindfuli for focusing on my recovery

California—A man who received counseling through the Mindfuli network was so happy with his experience, he posted an enthusiastic 5-star review of the virtual therapy service.

“I am extremely appreciative of Mindfuli and what it offers,” wrote Tomas, the patient. “I have the privilege to work with Ryan, who has grown on me like a brother, focusing on my recovery and just about anything in life. Grateful for him!!”

Tomas’ impassioned endorsement of the Mindfuli program is evidence of the platform’s success in the growing specialty of virtual therapy, which provides mental health counseling for residents of California that’s convenient and cost-effective. Mindfuli offers flexible treatment plans and eliminates delays in setting appointments, crucial factors in ensuring that clients get the help they need when they need it. 

mindfuli focuses on recovery

Tomas is not alone; 82 percent of Mindfuli clients with anxiety experienced symptom reduction, and 84 percent of those with depression reported feeling better after working with the network’s counselors.

While it uses a relatively new delivery system, Mindfuli offers evidence-based, long-accepted practices like talk-based strategies, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing. Counselors and therapists work with clients coping with a variety of conditions, including depression, trauma, anger, anxiety, stress, social isolation, and chronic health issues. Clients can also receive counseling to improve family and interpersonal relationships, and continuing support is available for those in recovery from substance abuse disorders. Continuing care is a big focus for all conditions addressed by Mindfuli, whose teams understand how critical follow-up care is in achieving long-term relief.

The techniques and approaches used by Mindfuli’s therapists and counselors were developed by a team of researchers under the direction of Dr. Loren Martin, Mindfuli’s Chief Scientific Officer. They are based on research showing a strong collaborative relationship between a client and their therapist is the most reliable predictor of successful treatment outcomes, which groundbreaking researcher E.S. Bordin called “the therapeutic alliance.”  The alliance begins with the client and therapist agreeing on goals, followed by the assignment of treatment tasks and the development of bonds that create trust. 

Mindfuli takes this process to the next level with the precise matching of clients and therapists, using its proprietary Our Care Pairing™ Technology. With this algorithm, Mindfuli is able to assign therapists with the greatest chance of developing strong alliances with clients and therefore to have better outcomes. Progress is monitored to make sure the alliance continues to be strong and effective.

Counseling is provided by licensed and associate-level therapists who are specifically trained to provide crisis intervention, social and emotional support, accountability, and guidance throughout their clients’ mental health journeys. Care counselors are not therapists and thus do not provide psychotherapy. However, many psychotherapeutic interventions can be provided through exercises and tools assigned within Mindfuli, and care counselors help support and guide clients through their journeys to mental wellness. 

Starting care with Mindfuli is simple. Clients fill out a brief personal profile and answer a few questions. They are then given a list of recommended therapists and counselors based on the alliance match and choose the one that fits. An appointment is set and treatment begins.

Mindfuli stands behind the effectiveness of its matching technology with the Care Satisfaction Guarantee. If a client isn’t paired with a therapist or counselor that helps achieve the goals of therapy, Mikndfuli will refund the cost of the first month’s subscription. 

Anyone seeking mental health counseling that’s convenient, effective, and available from the comfort and security of their home can start by visiting Mindfuli or calling 888-703-3004

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