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The Benefits of Using Soberlink

The Benefits of Using Soberlink

Sometimes it is hard to hold yourself accountable in your recovery process, and that is okay! Maybe you’ve tried different ways to stay sober and haven’t found your long-term solution. Though that is always frustrating, you shouldn’t give up. You don’t have to struggle on your own. With Soberlink, you can build accountability and confidence. You just need some hard work, your loved ones’ support, and your doctor’s monitoring.

What Is Soberlink?

Soberlink is a program that helps connect you with your friends, family, and doctors during your recovery.

The Soberlink program was designed to empower people in their first year of recovery. According to a study completed in June 2020 and published by the OMNI Institute, monitoring early in recovery can lead to significantly better outcomes because it reinforces accountability and transparency within your recovery circle. You and your loved ones get to see the results instantly. Soberlink technology utilizes a portable breathalyzer and recovery management software making it easy to regularly screen for alcohol use. 

We celebrate each compliant screen as proof of your continued success and growth in recovery. Your progress is important, and it is a huge achievement that deserves recognition. Not only are we proud of each and every screen, but you should also be too! Besides being an additional source of accountability, Soberlink monitoring also provides support in the recovery process. Frequent check-ins with our staff, three times a day, offer you support for both academic and recovery advancement. You will never feel alone in your recovery.

The Soberlink program delivers real-time blood alcohol results to anyone, anytime. Visibility of results strengthens relationships and allows for a timely intervention when necessary. Ultimately, these shared results are documented and promote accountability.

How It Works

The Soberlink alcohol monitoring device uses facial recognition technology to confirm identity during each breath test. BAC results are wirelessly transmitted to real-time, cloud-based recovery management software. The Soberlink system allows for custom testing schedules, as well as specific notification and automated report settings. While your therapist may give recommendations, the schedules and the people you share your results with is completely up to you. You get to manage your own recovery. Moreover, you choose whether to share information with your doctors and loved ones.

The Instant Gratification

With Soberlink, you get your BAC results instantly, and they are shared with your doctors and support system. This way, you can feel proud of yourself for proving that you are on track. Your loved ones can share the celebration with you when seeing your results in real time. The real-time results will help encourage your support system to be excited about your recovery. Plus, they’ll be able to celebrate your sober anniversaries with you.

The Benefits of Using Soberlink

There are benefits for both you and your support system through the use of Soberlink. With Soberlink, there is no room for questions or doubts. You don’t have to struggle to prove your sobriety to worried loved ones because the proof is in your hands. No one has to worry about your safety and the safety of your children when using Soberlink. With instant gratification and accountability, you and your support system can start focusing on day-to-day life.

For Participants

As a participant in the Soberlink program, you can do all of the following:

  • Stay connected with your recovery circle: You shouldn’t have to feel alone in your recovery journey.
  • Build accountability and structure: Having structure will ensure your recovery remains a priority for you.
  • Document your sobriety: Seeing your hard work paying off will build your confidence.
  • Improve your self-image: You don’t need to carry shame with your recovery. Ultimately, you should be proud of all you are accomplishing. Seeing your BAC results instantly will help you feel proud of yourself again. They will help you feel like your recovery is worth it.

For Families

Your family also gets a lot out of the Soberlink program. They can:

  • Share in the recovery process: It makes it easy for your loved ones to provide support and encourage you to keep going.
  • Rebuild a sense of trust: Recreating meaningful relationships with those you hold dear.
  • Receive peace of mind: Your loved ones will never have to question your sobriety.

Certified Soberlink Provider

As a Certified Soberlink Provider, our staff is trained on how to best utilize the Soberlink alcohol monitoring system to support your recovery. The Soberlink program keeps you connected to your support network in a way that does not disrupt day-to-day life. Soberlink testing is a great reminder of recovery, and self-reporting to loved ones is no longer necessary thanks to real-time documentation through Soberlink technology. 

Our Program and Soberlink

Here at Mindfuli, we are known for helping clients make meaningful progress toward their goals. We have helped many clients achieve their recovery goals, continue to create new goals, and maintain old ones in the present. In conjunction with our Program, Soberlink allows us to stay connected to our client’s recovery journeys and monitor how they are doing even after treatment.

Mindfuli knows how hard recovery can be, especially on your own. You may feel frustrated or ready to give up because past techniques haven’t worked for you. Don’t give up! With Soberlink technology, you don’t have to go through it alone. Your therapist can help you create your recovery goals and maintain them. You can reconnect with your family and support system and share your accomplishments with them. It’s important to build your confidence by documenting your progress. As you see the results for yourself, you’ll know that you can achieve your recovery goals. It is time to be proud of your recovery. Call us at (866) 973-4415 to learn more.

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