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Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Continuing Care

Top Five Benefits of Virtual Continuing Care

Recovering and healing from mental health conditions is a long and sometimes strenuous journey. By nature, mental health conditions are chronic. That means they have no cure, and managing them requires a lifelong approach. Virtual continuing care programs can help as you transition back to life post-treatment and manage your conditions throughout early and long-term recovery. 

You or a loved one can benefit from our virtual platform at Alter Wellness Mindfuli. Our team of competent counselors offers you access to mental health care at your convenience. Many people forget to prioritize their mental health throughout the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With Mindfuli, prioritizing your mental health has never been easier. 

What Is Virtual Mental Health Care?

Virtual mental health care – sometimes called telemental health – utilizes telecommunication and “videoconferencing technology to provide mental health services.” Telemental health care is more popular today due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was utilized before 2020, and although more research is needed to understand its benefits, many people seem to prefer it. 

As with anything, virtual mental health care has its pros and cons. What many individuals say is that telemental health care is more convenient. For many individuals, they had avoided seeking proper mental health care because they could not get away from work, lacked childcare, or could not locate a competent mental health professional. Virtual mental health care reduces those barriers and can help people manage their struggles with mental health conditions, especially with technological advances.  

Despite the barriers virtual services reduce, telemental health care also includes some potential challenges. 

Potential Challenges of Virtual Mental Health Care

When it comes to your mental health, you must learn what works best for you. Some individuals prefer in-person treatment, while others enjoy the convenience of improving their mental health from the convenience of home. It all depends on what works best for you. Potential challenges that may come with telemental health care may include: 

  • Not having access to technology or experiencing technical difficulties, such as Wi-Fi problems, computer issues, or other complications
  • Lacking privacy within your home can make speaking openly and honestly with a therapist challenging
  • Potential limitations of virtual therapy – i.e., your therapist may struggle to offer effective treatment because of a lack of a person’s nonverbal communication and other cues that require in-person contact 

These are just some of the obstacles that can arise when seeking mental health treatment online. However, virtual therapy may be a good fit for your circumstances, especially if you are in recovery and healing from mental health conditions. 

When and Why Should You Consider Virtual Continuing Care?

You may find that you prefer an in-person therapy session. There is nothing wrong with that. If individuals have the ability to attend therapy in person, they should give it a try. However, if you lack childcare, can’t take time away from work, or do not have many therapy options in your area, you may want to consider virtual therapy. That includes considering virtual continuing care to help you maintain wellness. 

Life post-treatment has many challenges, and these challenges may manifest in early or long-term recovery. However, continuing care can help you handle them. Virtual continuing care offers a post-treatment support plan, addresses the chronic nature of the mental illness, and helps you continue learning coping skills or new ways to maintain mental well-being. 

5 Benefits of Virtual Continuing Care

Seeking treatment is a wellness journey. To achieve and maintain well-being, you must prioritize your overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Alter Wellness Mindfuli can help you do that.

Our virtual continuing care has the following benefits: 

#1. Keeps You Connected to Peers and Professionals

Virtual continuing care keeps you connected with peers and professionals within a treatment program. These connections significantly expand your support network, which is instrumental in maintaining long-term recovery. 

#2. Helps Reduce the Risk of Relapse

You will experience triggers throughout your mental health recovery. These triggers can put your well-being at risk and lead you back to harmful thoughts and behaviors. However, virtual continuing care programs can help you manage triggers and reduce your overall risk of relapsing in relation to those harmful behaviors. 

#3. Provides Immediate Stability and Support

Virtual continuing care with Mindfuli provides flexibility in scheduling therapy sessions or utilizing other resources. With our virtual platform, we can offer immediate stability and support without you even having to leave your home. 

#4. Improves Post-Treatment Outcomes

Continuing care can increase your personal well-being and reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, improving your overall post-treatment outcome. By having extra guidance and support, you can improve your overall mental well-being.  

#5. Offers Increased Access to Mental Health Care at Your Convenience

Lastly, our virtual platform offers flexibility and convenience. During recovery, you never know when a situation will be erratically triggering. Knowing that a counselor and additional resources are available at your fingertips can be an asset to your healing journey. 

Over time, our society has evolved. With this evolution, we have made great strides in technological advances, which now allow people to seek professional mental health services from the comfort of their own homes. This is called virtual or telemental health care, and it has become increasingly popular in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before telemental health care, some individuals were less able to take the time to seek proper treatment and struggled to maintain wellness. Today, we offer virtual continuing care programs that allow clients to maintain their recovery thanks to counselors and resources, which can be accessed at their fingertips. Call Alter Wellness Mindfuli at (866) 973-4415 to learn more today. 

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