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Virtual Therapy in California

virtual therapy california

Mindfuli Is Ready to Help When You Need It

Navigating the challenges and stressors of life can be overwhelming on your own. Mindfuli is virtual therapy in California that allows you to get the mental health treatment you deserve at greater convenience and affordability. We offer various monthly plans with real-time video, chat-based communication, and audio-only options to meet you where you are. You will have access to trained, licensed therapists and peer support counselors who can help you through any mental health issue.

Our online therapists use evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and psychoeducation. Our patients can get the support, tools, and motivation to regain control of their mental health to live a happier, healthier life. You can quickly get matched with therapists and counselors who meet your needs and are available around your schedule. Mindfuli’s therapists and counselors can help you reach your goals towards a happier and more productive life if you are struggling with stress or symptoms of a mental health disorder.

To learn more about our online therapy center for mental health treatment, call Mindfuli at 888-703-3004 today and speak with one of our team members.

How Does Virtual Therapy Work?

Virtual mental health therapy begins with completing a brief personal profile by filling out a short set of questions about your preferences, needs, and current issues you are struggling with. Mindfuli’s Care PairingTM Technology will match you with the most suitable counselors and therapists based on its screening algorithm. You can then browse through the options and select a mental health professional who resonates best with you. We will schedule your initial appointment and provide real-time counseling chat Monday through Friday from 8 am to Midnight PST.

Virtual therapy in California allows you to pick a format to speak to counselors and therapists that feels the most comfortable, whether through real-time video conferencing, online chat, or audio-only. All platforms are HIPAA compliant, so you can trust you have the same level of confidentiality as in-person treatment. Mindfuli offers three levels of service to choose from with varying numbers of peer counselors and/or licensed clinical sessions per month.

Therapy sessions are very similar to in-person therapy, as they mainly involve talking. You will discuss the issues you are struggling with, and licensed therapists will use evidence-based methods to find what works best for you. Peer counselors can offer emotional support plus tools and skills used in evidence-based practices to help you work through the problems at hand. Just like in-person therapy, you can expect homework to apply what you have learned to real life.

How Effective Is Telehealth for Mental Health?

Research has shown that telehealth therapy is as effective as in-person therapy for treating various mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders. It has provided access to effective mental healthcare to more people, including those living in rural areas with transportation or mobility issues. Telehealth may also be more approachable for people who are trying therapy for the first time or have social anxiety or agoraphobia and would otherwise not get the treatment they need. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. Severe mental health disorders or mental health crises that require more intensive treatment may not be suitable for online therapy but rather a hospitalization or a crisis stabilization unit. 

What Conditions Can Virtual Therapy Treat?

Therapists and care counselors at Mindfuli can support you on your way toward long-term wellness. We can treat various mental health disorders and other co-occurring disorders. Research on virtual therapy is still ongoing and has looked at the effectiveness of therapy for some conditions it can treat. The following conditions may benefit from virtual therapy in California:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorders
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Depression and major depressive disorder
  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Anger
  • Social isolation/loneliness
  • Substance use disorder (SUD) and recovery support
  • Personality disorders
  • Family and relationships
  • Mental health issues related to chronic health conditions, such as cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Hypoarousal Trauma

To learn more about our online therapy center for mental health treatment, call Mindfuli at 888-703-3004 today and speak with one of our team members.

How Do I Prepare for a Virtual Therapy Session

To get the most out of your virtual therapy session in California, you can take specific steps to prepare before your appointment. While attending therapy sessions from your home can be more comfortable, there can also be distractions and interruptions. Finding a quiet, private space and using headphones to reduce background noise is essential.

Writing down your symptoms and anything you would like to work on beforehand can help you get the most out of your appointment time. Also, have a pen and paper ready to write down anything you wish to remember from your session. You should also be ready to make follow-up appointments as mental health counseling is continuous. Determine which days and times fit into your schedule best.

virtual mental health therapy in california

7 Benefits of Getting Help from Virtual Therapy in California

When virtual therapy is the right fit, it is just as effective as in-person therapy with some added benefits, such as:

  1. Convenience and Flexibility. Fitting in weekly appointments with a therapist can be difficult with busy schedules. Virtual therapy in California means you can access your appointments from anywhere and at any time that fits your schedule more easily without adding travel time to get to your therapist’s office.
  2. Greater Appointment Availability. Virtual therapy usually has more appointments than in-person therapy, allowing you to get an appointment more quickly, even on the same day.
  3. More Privacy. Online therapy sessions provide more privacy as you do not risk the chance of running into someone you know when walking into a therapist’s office. Virtual therapy in California uses HIPAA-compliant platforms so that you can trust your sessions are well protected.
  4. Expert Matching to the Right Provider. Instead of searching through a list of local therapists to decide which is best for you, Mindfuli will expertly match you with a therapist that fits your needs and preferences through our Care PairingTM Technology. You fill out a questionnaire about yourself and our program will generate a list of individualized recommendations.
  5. Reduced Costs. Virtual therapy in California is less costly than in-person therapy, making it more accessible to those without health insurance. Mindfuli offers three service levels to fit your budget and needs, making it easy to see how much virtual therapy will cost monthly.
  6. Increased Access. People in rural communities or who struggle with mental or physical disabilities often do not have access to mental health services. Virtual therapy has increased access to these individuals as they can access therapy from the comfort of their homes.
  7. Easier to Commit to Long-Term Treatment. With easier access, greater affordability, and no travel time, virtual therapy has made it easier to commit to consistent, long-term treatment, which increases recovery outcomes.

To learn more about our online therapy center for mental health treatment, call Mindfuli at 888-703-3004 today and speak with one of our team members.

Mindfuli is a Top Provider of Virtual Therapy in California

Virtual therapy has made taking care of your mental health more accessible and affordable. Mindfuli is a top provider of virtual therapy in California by using our Care PairingTM Technology to expertly match you with therapists and counselors that best fit your needs. We offer various levels of service that fit your needs and budget and platforms that fit your comfort level, including online chat, video chat, and voice-only options.

If you want to learn more about our services or to get started with virtual therapy in California, call Mindfuli today at 888-703-3004 or contact our online therapy center to complete your personal profile.

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