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What Is Mindfuli?

Mindfuli is virtual therapy that meets you where you are to give you the support and care you deserve from the comfort of your home. With real-time video, chat-based communication, and audio-only options, you can work with your care team to build a care plan designed for your specific needs.

What Is Mindfuli?

Mindfuli is a virtual platform designed to meet your mental health needs. Receiving empathic care for your mental health and overall well-being should not be complicated, difficult, or overpriced. We believe everyone deserves support when they need it, so our platform makes therapy accessible to a wider group of people. With our video, chat, and audio-only options, you can communicate with your therapist, care counselor, or a member of our care team when you need support, all from the comfort of your home. 

Benefits of Virtual Care

  • Convenient, flexible care
    • You have scheduled appointments
    • You can receive additional support from a care team counselor
      • Monday through Friday from 8 AM to midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • Multiple communication options to meet your needs and comfort
    • Real-time video
    • Chat
    • Audio-only
  • Access to trained, licensed therapists
  • Trained paraprofessional care counselors
    • Real-life experience
    • Crisis intervention
    • Social and emotional support
    • Accountability
    • Guidance
  • Build a care model that works for you


  • Therapy based on therapeutic alliance
  • Care pairing technology
    • A screening algorithm that pairs you with the right support for your needs
  • Evidence-based practices
    • Motivational interviewing
    • Mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP)
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
    • Assertive community treatment
    • Psychoeducation 
    • Virtual support groups

What Conditions Does Mindfuli Treat?

At Mindfuli, our therapists and care counselors can support you on your journey to long-term wellness. We can provide treatment for a wide variety of mental health disorders and other co-occurring conditions.  

Some of the mental health disorders and health concerns we treat and support you with include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Trauma and related disorders
  • Anger
  • Social isolation/loneliness
  • Personality disorders
  • Recovery support
    • Substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Family and relationships
  • Chronic health conditions
    • Cancer
    • Long Covid-19
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Table of Contents

To learn more about the issues we treat, visit our Issues Treated page. 

What Is Wellness?

Many people view wellness as a movement toward improving physical health, from exercise to nutrition. However, wellness extends well beyond the benefits of consciously pursuing workout and nutrition plans that support the improvement of your physical health. According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), wellness is the active process of self-awareness as you make conscious lifestyle choices to support holistic health and well-being in multiple areas of your life. Wellness is a multidimensional model of care that includes at least six dimensions of wellness.

6 Dimensions of Wellness

  • Physical
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep
  • Mental
    • Learning
    • Skill building
    • Problem-solving
    • Critical thinking
    • Creativity
  • Emotional 
    • Self-awareness
    • Express and accept feelings
    • Understand others feelings
    • Mentally recharge
  • Spiritual
    • Find more meaning and purpose
    • Meditation
  • Social
    • Interact with people
    • Make deeper connections
  • Environment
    • Deepen your connection to nature
    • Spend time in nature
    • Make healthier choices for the planet’s health

Some definitions of the dimensions of wellness will also include sections like:

  • Occupational
    • Find personal satisfaction in your work
    • Set clear and healthy work and life boundaries
    • Prioritize your physical and mental health
  • Cultural
    • Engage in self-education
    • Listen openly to other perspectives
    • Interact with people who are different
    • Be curious about your culture and family
    • Engage in cultural conversations
    • Reflect on your internal biases 

How Can Mindfuli Help?

At Mindfuli, we believe in the benefits of wellness and therapeutic alliance as tools to support you in building a life for your long-term well-being. Navigating the challenges of life can be difficult or feel impossible when you do not have the tools to process and cope with those experiences. Therefore, engaging in wellness can help you find a healthy path on your mental health journey. As noted in an article from The Canadian Veterinary Journal, our behavior is influenced by many factors, like self-regulation and our habits. 

Self-regulation is what helps us act on our short and long-term goals that connect with our values. Whereas our habits make up 40% of our everyday behavior, that shapes our existence and the way we engage in the world. However, habits are difficult to change as our brains build these patterns that become easier and easier to follow because it requires less and less mental energy for us to maintain. Through evidence-based practices, we can engage in wellness that builds on the power of self-awareness and strategies that encourage new ways of thinking to support lifelong well-being. 

Yet, you do not have to attempt or struggle through your journey for wellness by yourself. Science has shown us that better outcomes have come out of a strong collaborative relationship between you and your therapist or care counselor because trusted support matters. A therapeutic alliance allows you to form a bond built on trust and the knowledge that you, your needs, desires, and goals are truly cared for by your support team at Mindfuli. 

To learn more about our approach to care and the therapeutic alliance, visit our Home page.

Getting Help

If you feel like you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder or another health condition, seeking support can help you manage your symptoms and start building a life for long-term wellness. Mental health disorders can make it difficult to function in your daily life, participate in activities, and pursue the things that are important to you. Seeking treatment and support can help you find more joy, achieve your goals, and lead a productive life. At Mindfuli, we believe empathy and alliance are key to helping you build a life of wellness on your mental health journey.

Mental health disorders can make life difficult, but with support, you can achieve goals for your long-term well-being. Our virtual video and chat features can help you find the social and emotional connection you need to start feeling better. Call Mindfuli at (888) 703-3004 to learn more.

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