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Why Getting Matched With the Right Therapist Is Key

Why Getting Matched With the Right Therapist Is Key

Finding the right therapist is a process that is sometimes easier said than done. However, it is crucial if you plan to prioritize your mental health and recovery. The process of finding a therapist can include trial and error. During treatment, you may have the opportunity to work with many therapists. However, life post-treatment will require you to find a new therapist of your own. Continuing individual therapy weekly is invaluable to maintaining mental health on a long-term basis.  

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Are You Questioning Whether or Not Your Therapist Is the Right Fit?

There are many reasons you may decide to leave a therapist. You may not care for their practices or perhaps do not feel a connection. Regardless, a good therapist takes no offense to you considering other options. They may offer assistance, make referrals, or do whatever else they can to help you find the right therapist. 

On the flip side, you may fear seeking treatment elsewhere because you do not want to start the process over again. However, this fear should not deter you from finding a new therapist. Your mental health may suffer more by staying with someone who is not a good fit. 

As mentioned, finding a therapist is not an exact science, but some signs indicate if you have found a good fit. The first sign is that you feel safe and comfortable. The right therapist will make you feel safe and comfortable being vulnerable and sharing certain things while working through issues that arise during your sessions. 

Additionally, trust and honesty are essential for a therapist-client relationship. You must feel like you can have open communication with your therapist. Feeling like you can open up without them judging or hurting you is a key indication that you have found the right fit. A good therapist will have your best interest in mind and desire to help you improve your mental health. However, just because someone is a good therapist does not automatically mean they are the right fit for you. 

What to Do if Your Therapist Is Not the Right Fit

If you do not recognize the signs of a good relationship with your therapist, they may not be the right fit. This will inevitably lead you to look for a new one. Be open and honest with your current therapist, make a conscious goodbye, and have a plan to continue treatment before leaving. A good therapist will not be upset and may even want to help you find a new therapist. 

Finding the Right Therapist and Making a Connection

To make progress with a therapist, you must have a connection. Unfortunately, individuals do not always connect with a therapist on the first try. It is normal to try working with a few therapists before finally meeting one you connect with. 

Despite a lack of connection in some cases, some things can be done to better a relationship with a therapist. However, it is vital to understand the kind of relationships you are trying to have. Though therapists must get to know you personally, it is a professional relationship. That means, despite the need for a deep connection, boundaries must be made. 

You must also be open for therapy to work. A therapist can not help if you are not communicating honestly with them. Initially, it may seem like they are not the right fit. However, if you are withholding certain things from them, there is only so much they can do to help you. 

In addition to making a connection, you must both be working toward the same goals for therapy to be effective. If you feel a disconnect, consider whether or not you are on the same page regarding mental health goals. Determining what you want to achieve from therapy before working with a therapist is prudent. 

Getting Paired With the Right Therapist at Mindfuli

Going out and finding a therapist on your own can prove challenging, but Alter Wellness Mindfuli can help. Our technology matches clients with the most suitable therapists. As mentioned, finding the best therapist match is vital – a lack of connection, trust, or honesty with a therapist can hinder you from achieving mental wellness. 

To get matched with the right therapist today, visit our website. From there, you can complete a brief set of questions to get paired with the right therapist. Additionally, you can contact us to schedule a free 15-minute call to learn more about our virtual services and how you can get started today. 

The road to improving your mental health is challenging, even with the right therapist. Consider Mindfuli to help you on that road today. 

Finding a therapist has never been an exact science. However, with Atler Wellness Mindfuli, the process can be simpler than most realize. With our virtual services, you can be connected with the right therapist via a personality test. Having this tool at your disposal is a great way to begin therapy and slowly start improving your mental well-being. Our tool can also improve your trust and enhance your progress. At the end of the day, someone can be a good therapist, but that does not necessarily make them the right therapist for you. If you feel stuck and are trying to find the right therapist, contact Alter Wellness Mindfuli at (866) 973-4415

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