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Why Having a Support System Is Important

Why Having a Support System is Important

Struggling with your mental health is never something you should do alone. Having a support system is imperative for you to remain mentally healthy. What is a support system, and why is it so important?

What Is a Support System?

A support system is a group of people that provide you with emotional support throughout your daily life. They are people that you find comforting. You know you can rely on them to be there for you when you are struggling with something. No matter how major or minor the issue is, they will support you and help see you through it. These people allow you to express your feelings and be your authentic self, unapologetically.

Building Your Support System

How do you build a support system? What if you don’t know that many people? Maybe you are only close to a handful of people; that’s okay. A support system doesn’t have to be large. It just has to be made up of people you can trust. Here are a few ways you can search for a support system.

Join a Club or Group

Whether it’s a gym or a Dungeons and Dragons group, find a group of people that share similar interests. Start interacting with people. It can be intimidating at first, but it’s important to commit to social interactions with like-minded people. It is a great way to make new friends and find life-long relationships. There are multitudes of forums that list clubs in different areas.

Find a game store that holds weekly board game nights. Join a book club or a gym. The important thing is to get out in public and interact with people in person. In the age of a worldwide pandemic, we often hesitate to leave the house. Take the proper precautions to ensure your physical health, but do your best to get out there and meet people.

Look Within Your Family

Do you have a sibling or another family member you are close to? Maybe it’s a cousin, uncle, or grandmother. Sometimes support can come right from your family. This isn’t always the case, but there may be one or two people in your family that can sympathize with what you are going through. Close family members are often some of the strongest support people can get.

Why Is a Support System Important?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: humans are social beings. Yes, there are those of us who prefer more alone time, but even we need social interaction. What makes a support system more beneficial than a regular day out with people? 

Emotional Support

Your family and friends can sit and talk with you about how you are feeling. Just having someone to talk to can make a big impact on your mental health. 

A support system provides you with immense levels of care that extend even further than words. This includes helping you complete tasks that may be too much for you at the time. Maybe they help you clean up around the house. Maybe a friend feeds your pet. Whatever the task, this type of emotional support is helpful by giving you the feeling that the load you carry is being lightened even by the slightest amount.


We have all heard the common phrase that we are our own worst critics. That proves to be true time and time again. When we are struggling mentally, we can fall into the habit of thinking negatively about ourselves, our life, or our choices. When you have a group of people you rely on, they can help you find positivity in every situation. Instead of filling your head with negativity, they can help you think positively.

Feelings are everchanging and temporary. Your friends and family can remind you that you will not always feel bad. Your support system can provide positive, healthy distractions to take your mind off your negative feelings.


It is important to feel like you belong somewhere. A support group can do that for you. The people that you trust and rely on will sympathize with your situation. You will feel less alone when they can relate to your experiences. A support group can provide you with that incredible feeling of belonging and purpose.

Use Your Support System!

It is important to remember that when you have a group of people wanting to be there for you, let them. You are not a burden for asking for help, and you are by no means weaker for it. Recognizing when you need help and having the courage to ask for it makes you brave and strong.

Therapy Can Be a Great Addition to Your Support System

Another option to bolster your support group is getting help from a therapist or support group. Finding a therapist can help you identify the type of support you need to maintain good mental health. A therapy group can be the avenue you take to find people that can become a part of your support group.

A support system is important for decreasing your negativity, anxiety, depression, and more. You can start bringing yourself out of the habits of isolation and into a healthier life with a group of people ready to help you. You deserve a sense of purpose and belonging. With Mindfuli, you can find a therapist and therapy group that can help start you on your mental health journey. More likely than not, you have a support system even if you don’t know it yet. The therapeutic alliance is at the heart and soul of the care provided through Mindfuli. To learn more about our virtual therapy platform, call us at (866) 973-4415.

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