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Why its Important to Talk about Anxiety

Why its Important to Talk about Anxiety

There is a lot of stigma around anxiety. So much that we sometimes hesitate to tell our loved ones about our anxieties. It’s time to put a stop to this. It is crucial to talk about it. This helps both you and your loved ones.

How Talking About Anxiety Benefits You

Having anxiety can become very isolating. By opening up about your anxiety, you are benefitting yourself. First things first, you are building your support system. It is hard to have people support you when they aren’t aware of your needs. 

When you tell your loved ones about what you are experiencing, you will begin to feel less alone. You may even find that the person or people you are opening up to feel similarly. Many people hide their experiences with anxiety for the same reason you did. Your loved one may be able to share coping skills they have acquired or share their struggles. Ultimately, opening up allows for a better connection between you and them.

Sharing Your Anxiety in the Moment

Telling family or friends about your anxiety is important to build support for yourself, but don’t stop there. When you are anxious, tell them what you are feeling at the moment. They can give you a valuable source of reasoning that can benefit you in many ways.

By talking about your anxiety the moment you feel it, your friends/family can:

  • Help you sort through the problem. Perhaps you don’t know what is causing the anxiety. Your support system can help you work out a solution.
  • Give you a new perspective: When you experience anxiety, it can be hard to see things logically or clearly. By telling a friend or family member about your anxiety, they can give you insight. Having a logical touchpoint can help you think through the situation and calm down.
  • Let you feel validated and heard: If you don’t tell anyone that you are anxious, there is no one left to validate your feelings but yourself. Anxiety can often prevent you from doing so. A supportive loved one can be there for you in that time of need.

There are many ways talking with loved ones benefits you, and what’s great is that it benefits your loved ones too!

How Talking About Anxiety Benefits Your Loved Ones

It can be hard to think of how telling your loved ones about your anxiety benefits them, but it does. By being open and honest with your loved ones, you are doing three things for them. Firstly, you are letting them know that you trust them with intimate information about yourself. Secondly, you are then allowing them to support you. Lastly, you give them the ability to feel safe to be open and honest with you.

When you let someone you care for know something personal about yourself, it strengthens the emotional bond. They tend to feel closer to you. Plus, they feel loved because it shows that you trust them. It always gives us a warm fuzzy feeling when we realize a loved one trusts us, right? That realization makes you want to be there for them. As such, when you tell your loved ones about your anxiety, they will feel inclined to support you.

By informing your friends about your struggles, you are opening the door for them to become a part of your support system. Not only that, but you also help them begin to understand the complexities of mental health. They’ll learn how to properly provide support to you. It can be hard for your loved ones to understand your anxiety if they don’t experience it. That’s why explaining how your anxiety makes you feel is crucial.

Furthermore, you may be close with someone who experiences anxiety similar to your own. Opening up to your loved ones gives them the opportunity to open up in the same way. You never know! Your best friend may be struggling with anxiety, and being honest with them can help them feel less alone too!

When Is the Right Time to Open Up?

This question is tricky. It may never feel like the “right time” to tell your loved ones of your anxiety. This conversation may always feel intimidating, but that shouldn’t stop you from having it. Remind yourself that this conversation is important for you and your loved ones.

If having this conversation is too scary right now, try finding a therapist or support group that can help you prepare for it.

Needing Extra Help Is Okay!

Sometimes telling your loved ones is too overwhelming on your own. Finding a therapist who can help you prepare for this difficult conversation can help greatly. Through therapy, you can come up with strategies to inform your loved ones of your anxiety in a low-stress environment. A therapist can help you prepare to cope with the outcome and be extra support before and after the conversation.

It’s always okay to need extra help. There should be no shame or embarrassment in seeking help from a professional. They are here to help you. You do not need to fight this battle alone.

The team at Mindfuli knows that opening up to family and friends can feel daunting. A therapist can help you come up with strategies for starting that conversation. After the conversation, your therapist can help you cope with the outcome of it. They can give you an outlet to discuss and process your emotions. Additionally, they can point you toward support groups. Therapy is a beautiful tool that will allow you to express your genuine feelings without judgment. You are not alone, and you don’t need to be. No matter if you feel like no one understands, there is someone out there who will. For more information, call (866) 973-4415 to learn more.

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