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Depression Treatment in California: Virtual Counseling Can Help

depression treatment california

Mindfuli Offers Effective, Convenient Therapy

Everyone experiences sadness at times, but someone living with depression can experience extreme sadness or despair, lasting for weeks, months, or even years. It can interfere with daily life and cause physical pain. Fortunately, depression treatment in California is available through Mindfuli to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Mindfuli offers personalized online therapy for depression in California and other mental health disorders. Patients can choose from three flexible levels of services that fit their needs and budget. We will expertly match you with therapists and counselors through a brief questionnaire. You will then have access to a team of counselors and therapists Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to Midnight (PST). Our therapists only used effective evidence-based practices such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and psychoeducational.

Our platform is fully HIPAA-compliant and secured through AES 256-bit encryption to protect your privacy and is accessible through any device with a web browser. Patients have access to our “care lounge” so you can schedule appointments with your counselor or therapists or message a team of counselors for emotional support. Sessions are done via real-time video conferencing or an audio-only option. Online therapy for California residents is a practical, affordable option for depression treatment in California. We have helped thousands feel better with 84% of patients with depression reporting a reduction in their symptoms.

To learn more about our online therapy center for mental health treatment, call Mindfuli at 888-703-3004 today and speak with one of our team members.

7 Types of Depression

Every person can experience depression symptoms differently. Doctors may specify a person’s depression into a type to create better treatment plans. Some of the different types of depression include:

  1. Anxious distress is depression with unusual worry or distress about possible events or lack of control. The person feels depressed but is also tormented by inner restlessness and anticipating worst-case scenarios which contribute to negative thoughts already present in depression.
  2. Atypical features: Individuals with this type of depression experience a temporary boost in mood in response to positive events. They may also experience increased appetite, excessive sleepiness, increased sensitivity to rejection, and heavy feelings in their arms or legs.
  3. Melancholic features: Melancholic depression tends to be more severe than other types of depression. Individuals have a total loss of pleasure or ability to enjoy almost all activities. People can also experience early morning awakening, worsened mood in the morning, feelings of guilt, agitation, sluggishness, and significant changes in appetite.
  4. Mixed features: The person meets the full criteria for major depressive disorder but exhibits other features consistent with hypomania or mania. They may have symptoms of depression and mania, such as elevated self-esteem, increased energy, and being chatty.
  5. Peripartum onset: A type of depression that occurs during pregnancy or in the weeks or months after childbirth.
  6. Psychotic features: This type involves depression symptoms and a loss of touch with reality (psychosis), such as delusions or hallucinations.
  7. Seasonal pattern: A type of depression that is related to changes in seasons, usually beginning in the fall and continuing through the winter months, causing lethargy and mood changes.

Other Disorders That Can Cause Symptoms of Depression

Depression may also be a symptom of several other disorders as many medical problems can create changes in the body that cause depression. In addition to medical conditions that physically cause depression, a person may also get depressed about being ill. Some common disorders that cause symptoms of depression include:

  • Other mental health disorders: Mental health disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders can have depressive symptoms. They can also occur simultaneously with depression.
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder: Hormone changes that begin a week before and improve within a few days after the onset of a period can lead to depressive symptoms.
  • Heart disease: Depression and heart disease have overlapping symptoms, such as fatigue and anxiety. There is also a correlation between individuals having both depression and heart disease, sometimes one develops after the other.
  • Thyroid disorders: An underactive thyroid, a condition called hypothyroidism, can lead to mood symptoms similar to depression including unusual tiredness.
  • Substance use: Drug and alcohol use can cause depression. These substances affect areas of the brain associated with mood and can trigger depression symptoms, especially during withdrawals. Certain medications can also cause depression.
online depression treatment in california

How Is Depression Treated?

Depression treatment in California can involve psychotherapy, medication, or a combination. Treatment depends on the type and severity of depression. Usually, treatment begins with a thorough physical and psychological assessment. Doctors may perform certain screenings and tests, such as a blood panel, to rule out any underlying medical conditions which may be causing depressive symptoms. A psychological assessment will include asking questions about your current symptoms, past medical history, stressors in your life, and life experiences to understand your unique case.

A therapist will then provide you with information about depression and how to best cope with it. They may use a variety of evidence-based therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Therapists may use various forms of therapy to find what works best for you. Seeing a therapist can help with depression by:

  • Pinpointing life events that contributed to depression and finding ways to change, accept, or adapt to those situations.
  • Identifying distorted thoughts or unhelpful behaviors which contribute to depression.
  • Setting realistic goals for the future.
  • Developing coping skills and tools to identify and manage symptoms and problems.

To learn more about our online therapy center for mental health treatment, call Mindfuli at 888-703-3004 today and speak with one of our team members.

5 Benefits of Virtual Therapy for Depression Treatment

  1. More accessible: Virtual therapy is more accessible for those who have mobility issues, social anxiety, agoraphobia, or live in rural areas and cannot access in-person therapy. You can access therapy sessions anywhere instead of visiting a therapist’s office.
  2. More affordable: Virtual depression treatment in California costs significantly less than in-person therapy. Often, individuals with depression worry about finances or cannot work because their symptoms have severely impacted them, which is a barrier to treatment.
  3. Start treatment sooner: Often, in-person appointments for depression treatment in California can take days or weeks to get. Virtual therapy often has appointments available much sooner, even within a few hours or immediately.
  4. Convenient and flexible: Fitting in weekly therapy appointments can be challenging. Virtual therapy in California allows you to access appointments from anywhere and at times that are more convenient, allowing you to fit in treatment more quickly and stick to it.
  5. It is effective: Virtual therapy has been shown to be just as effective as in-person treatment for depression. Therapists will use the same evidence-based therapy methods to provide you with coping strategies and tools to manage depression symptoms.

Mindfuli Can Help with Depression Treatment in California

Mindfuli offers online depression treatment in California through a secure, easy-to-use platform. Virtual therapy has eliminated many barriers to mental health treatment and has helped thousands feel better. We will expertly match you with a list of therapists and counselors who fit your personal and clinical needs that you can choose from. You can also choose a flexible level of service that fits your budget best via real-time video conferencing or a voice-only option. 

If you are struggling with depression or symptoms of depression, please consider working with Mindfuli. We can help you take control of your depression and live the happy, productive life you envision. Please call us at 888-703-3004 to get started today.

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